We are a team of sneakerhead engaged in the making and distributing of shoes with top design and quality. Usually we are focused on most popular and classic models. We are fans of Michael Jordan. We are fans of music and singer star Kanye West. We aim to bring down the costs of designer styles down and make them affordable for young guys.


We are working in this industry for many years. We maintain our own standard of quality check, which is even higher than some customers. We prepare nice shoes and choose the most suitable shipping method according to the destinations. We hope you will be our next customer if you came across our website.


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Our History

The older generation of our family has been engaged in the professional manufacturing of sport shoes for a long time. We came to see a growing demand for designer shoes with favorable prices after 2008.

Shortly we began to wholesale some models to few clients. To live up the development of E-commerce, we decided to build this website to meet new customers.

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